Techno Music 

So what is Techno?

Techno music is an EDM (electronic dance music) genre that is designed for dancing and Clubs because of the solid kick drum, repetitive sound and high energy. Techno has multiple sub-genres that are influenced by house and other dance music genres. Techno has grown to become one of the biggest Dance music genres in the world.

Difference Between Techno and house

The main difference between Techno music and House music is Techno does not have a snare or clap on every second beat like most house and opts to use High hats or other cymbal sounds instead, also the speed and intensity of Techno is often much higher. However, it still maintains the kick/Bass drum on every bar like most EDM music. Techno music does not usually have vocals and if it does it is often spoken word and not sung.Techno music can often sound very monotonous to the untrained ear, but the interesting parts are usually very subtle and evolve.

House music drum patterns

Basic examples of drum sequences of some of the most popular Techno sub-genres to help you understand the difference between the many different Techno sounds.


Use these patterns as a starting point to produce the rhythm to your own Techno music songs

Acid Techno pattern


Acid Techno sound:  Has the typical high-pitched squeak sounds found in acid house and can have rapid and sometimes chaotic beats scattered over the top of the song  

Ambient Techno/ Intelligent techno pattern

BPM: 100 to 135

Ambient Techno/ Intelligent techno sound:Has lots of atmospheric layers with A soft bass drum/kick and usually a complex beat on top that can be extremely fast or even slightly off beat  

 Dub Techno Music pattern

BPM: 110 to 130 

Dub Techno sound: Has a big round kick with lots of sustain and other typical Dub sounds like delays and echo that give it a spacious sound with wide stereo imagery, but still maintains the Techno consistent beat.  

 Progressive Techno  Music pattern

BPM: 120 to 135

Progressive Techno  sound: Has a tight bass drum but not as hard as other techno music and melodic overtone that builds slowly.

 Hard Techno  Music pattern

BPM: 132 to 150

Hard Techno Sound: has your typical techno sound but will always be fast and have strong driving sound.

 Industrial Techno  Music pattern

BPM: 135 to 150 

Industrial Techno Sound: has a big bass/kick that sounds extremely aggressive and makes use of industrial sounds that can be harsh and mechanical, it is almost always very fast and can even sound like it is recorded in a big open warehouse.

 Minimal Techno Music pattern

BPM: 120 to 135 

Minimal Techno Sound: Is a clean stripped-down version of techno with interesting side sounds that will change very subtly.