• jonathan Loram

Vegan Fast Food would you eat it ?

We all want to eat healthy and Vegans often eat healthier by default but everyone likes a bit of fast food now and again and Vegans are not expectation.

What are the options out there when you out and about or having a big night and want some Junk food . We picked up the newest Vegan items from KFC, Subway, Burger King and McDonalds, graded them on Taste, Price and Healthiness, then picked a winner!

We tested

KFC ~ The Original Recipe Vegan Burger

Subway ~ The Beyond Meatless Marinara

Burger King ~ The Rebel Whopper

McDonalds ~ The Veggie Dippers

Watch this video to find out what we thought was worth your money and the guilty feeling the next day .

Let us know if you agree with our choice.

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