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The Best dairy free milk - We compare 18 Milks

Now That Was set out to find the best dairy free alternative milk for daily use and ended up with 24 litres of milk, days worth of research, and full bellies. Not being able to pick the “best” from each category: Soy, Almond, Coconut, Oat, and even Hemp... We decided to taste test 18 milks total, from those 4 categories, pick a winner in each category, compare them against each other and crown a Grand Champion We judged based on Taste, Smell, Appearance, Healthiness and Environment impact.

Find out who what we think it the best Dairy Free Milk by watching this video

We tasted tested and compared these 18 milks in these 4 categories.

Almond Milk

  • Alpro - Almond Unsweetened 

  • Acti Leaf - Almond Unsweetened 

  • Rude health - Almond drink organic with rice

  • Blue Diamond -Almond Breeze unsweetened 

Oat Milk

  • Alpro - Oat

  • ASDA Free from - long life Oat 

  • Rude health - Oat drink organic 

  • Pro Nature - only Oat unsweetened 

  • Oatly - Organic Oat Drink 

  • Morrison - Oat drink 

Soya Milk

  • Alpro - Soya Unsweetened 

  • ASDA Free from - Soya 

  • Acti Leaf - Soya Unsweetened

  • Morrrisons - Soya

  • Tesco - Soya Drink

Coconut milk

  • Alpro - Coconut with rice 

  • Koko - Unsweetened Coconut 

  • Lucy Bee - Organic coconut milk 

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