• jonathan Loram

Massive Street Art culture.

Digbeth in Birmingham UK has transformed itself from an industrial area into a creative district with exciting and unique business, bars, restaurants and entertainment. Digbeth has also morphed its lifeless brick face walls into works of art, street art not graffiti that is done in the night while no one is looking. This neighbourhood’s high concentration of quality artworks has made it a must-see part of the city and given the locals bragging rights to one of the coolest neighbourhood in Britain.

Digbeth has many walls that have been allocated for the purpose of Street Art as well as a the usual illegal graffiti you see in other cities but because of the strong culture the quality is much higher and the ugly pointless graffiti’s are not as common as you would expect, all of this makes walking threw this part of the city an Instagram heaven for young and old and an inexpensive way to spend a few hours. The success of this area has increased the acceptance of graffiti culture in other part so the city and created a colourful montage to a city that has a strong industrial heritage and is not known for its looks.

We took some video of a small sample of the graffiti on offer to make a short video with a bit of added signalization's to make it interesting – So have a look what Digbeth has to offer.

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