• jonathan Loram

Is Coconut milk a good dairy milk alternative and can you drink it every day ?

When you think of dairy milk alternatives Coconut milk is not the the first thing that jumps to mind because coconuts already have a fluid inside and this is sold as coconut water with lots of claimed benefits "know as natures spots drink" but coconut milk is made form the white inner core and is high in LDL cholesterol that can lead to increase risk of vascular disease and is one of the only plants that can have an negative effect on your health, so probably  not something you want to drink every day . But what does it taste like and how does it compare to other no dairy milks on the market ? 

We tested 3 coconut milks found in UK retail stores and made this video

These are the Milks we tested 

Alpro - Coconut with rice 

Koko - Unsweetened Coconut 

Lucy Bee - Organic coconut milk 

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