House Music 

So what is House Music ?

House music originated from disco to become the biggest EDM (electronic dance music ) genre in the world the 4/4 time 4 on the floor sound has become the backbone of most dance music you will hear . House music has morphed into countless sub- genres and branches of sub-genres and can be found in any part or party in the world.

House music drum patterns

Basic examples of drum sequences of some of the most popular house sub-genres to help you understand the difference between the many different house music sounds.


Use these patterns as a starting point to produce the rhythm to your own house music songs

House Music pattern

BPM: 120 to 128

House sound: Kick on every beat and snare on every second beat, the unmistakable sound that forms the part of every house sub-genre.

Deep House Music pattern

BPM: 115 to 124

Deep House sound: smoother more soulful sound, usually slower and laid back  

 Progressive House Music pattern

BPM: 120 to 128

Progressive House sound: More refined house sound with a bit of drive

 Tech House Music pattern

BPM: 125 to 132

Tech House sound: A mixture of House and Techno but with Break beat influence ( off beat ) , Different snare sound 

 Electro House Music pattern

BPM: 125 to 135

Electro house Sound: Big kick, cutting snare and lots of heavy bass with some distortion